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Visayas State University - Library

The Visayas State University Library sits atop a hilly spot overlooking the campus, and outward, to the sea. Situated as such one can study in quietude or contemplate in solitude, but whatever one's mood is, the ambience induces scholarly pursuits.

Essentially, it has the following Units: Information/Control, Circulation, Computer Literature Services, ViSCAiana/Filipiniana, Technical Services, Conference and Audio Visual Room, Serials, Reserve/General Reference, Graduate Reading Area, Bindery Unit.

The books in the library are on open shelves giving the students, faculty, and other researchers the chance to seek out all the materials they need and browse at will through the entire collection. The arrangement is according to the Library of Congress Classification System. A combination of letters and numbers make up the call number, which appears on the book and on catalog cards which lead to the book.

Another library in the system is the High School Library. It is located at the lower area of the campus in an old pre-war wooden structure.

The High School Library has one Librarian and two support staff. In the High School Library, the Dewey Decimal Classification System is used in organizing its collection.

Students of the Visayas State University have access to both libraries in the system. Though college students may use the H. S. Library collection, they are not allowed to borrow books for home use. On the other hand for high school students who may use the resources in the university library, they are not allowed to loan out books.

  • Circulation Unit
  • This is where the bulk of the library collection is housed. The collection includes books on social sciences, applied and pure sciences, arts, language and literature, history and biography, and fiction. They are on open stacks for easy access. They can be borrowed for home use.

  • Reserve Books Unit
  • These are books from the Circulation or Filipiniana collections. They are placed on Reserve at the request of the faculty in-charge. This is to ensure students’ equal access to books assigned as required readings or reference.

    Reserve books may be borrowed at the Reserve Counter for one hour renewable for another hour if there is no standing request for that particular book. They can also be borrowed overnight.

  • Reference Unit
  • The books in this Unit include dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, maps, yearbooks, almanacs, indexes, manuals and bibliographies. They are identified in the card catalog with an ® above the call number. These are for library use only.

  • Serials Unit
  • Journals and magazines (bound and loose issues), local and national newspapers, and pamphlets on various subjects are found in this unit. The Philippine Official Gazette is also found in this section.

    The bound volumes are on open shelves. They are arranged alphabetically by title and by volume or date. These are for library use only.

  • Graduate Reading Area
  • Thesis Collection
    This is where the graduate thesis collection is found. The masters’ and PhD thesis collection is composed of theses from the University and from various colleges and universities in the Philippines or abroad where faculty and staff have finished their degrees.

  • VISCAiana
  • This is a special collection. It consists of materials about ViSCA and publications by ViSCANS. These publications may take the form of journals; newsletters issued by the different departments, institutes/centers; completed terminal reports, study guides, manuals and training modules produced by ViSCA faculty and staff.  ViSCA memorabilia are also kept here. These materials are for room use only.

    Thesis Collection This is composed of the unpublished undergraduate thesis of the university. These are for library use only. Students and researchers may photocopy the abstract of the thesis.

  • Filipiniana Unit
  • This unit contains books about the Philippines. They may or may not be authored by Filipinos and which may or may not be published in the Philippines. These can be borrowed for home use.

    Also in this Unit are copies of completed terminal reports, study guides, manuals and training modules produced by ViSCA faculty and staff.

  • Computer Literature Services Unit
  • Computer Literature Services unit provides access to: the internet; in-house collection of CDs & DVDs; subscribed  databases such  as The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (TEEAL); Philippine E-Library; International Information System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology (WebAGRIS); PROQUEST; e-Book format of graduate and undergraduate theses; and open access full-texted electronic resources.

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