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General Objectives

To facilitate access to information, library materials and services to Visayas State University community through a common endeavor of the library staff to acquire, process, service and preserve library materials.

Specific Objectives

  • To develop the collection, both current and retrospective based upon a thorough knowledge of the instructional and research needs of the university.
  • To develop and establish more effective collection control through improved circulation service increased security and collection preservation including proper attention to materials like audio-visuals, and CD-ROMS.
  • To provide means of improving access to library materials and information through staff awareness and development, user education and the utilization of library services.
  • To continue and expedite the processing of library materials through the use of computer technology and in all aspects of library operations.
  • To appraise the library’s responsibilities and ability to serve others beyond the VSU community by developing cooperative programs and by sharing these resources with other libraries in the region.
  • To maintain and develop a highly capable library staff through career development and effective utilization of individual talents.
  • To maintain and continue acquiring special materials for VISCAiana collection, Filipiniana books and preserve these for posterity.

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